About Me

Gilberto Liz Polanco
Gilberto Liz Polanco

“My story is not as romantic as I saw the camera and we were struck by the first moment, I spend a lot of time from that day that just being a boy I saw that detail in the twisted photograph on the wall of a photographer from the town where I am from. There were many years but see you here.”

Coincidence I do not think, I do not know how to call him but I loved that this art came to my life, a tool that allows me to travel to different parts, to be tired and still want to continue shooting and see each image as if it were the only one. I think being silent as a child allowed me to see more things where maybe there was not.

Who I am?

I think that only a human being was allowed to see things from different points of different colors and create perspectives.


What allows me to get up day after day wanting to start building a poem that is not the beginning and that I do not know the end. The images appear and do not stop at the speed of forming the puzzle that ends with the beginning of a new life for two.

My passion.

Photography is the medium that helps me connect with everything, be part of things, be the witness who tells the story from his point of view.