We accompany you throughout this process giving a perspective to every detail.


Pre wedding

The Caribbean people have taken a turn to what in other countries is called wedding session, it is a session that is done to know the style of the photographer and connect as a photographer team boyfriends. It is the first face and what marks that the wedding almost comes.

  • Pre consultation with the couple ( face-to-face or digital).
  • Session hours.
  • Advice of concept.
  • Art direction.
  • Autfit counseling.

Getting ready

We take moments of makeup, gestures of relatives, companions of the bride and groom, toast and activities to end it.

What should I wear?

In the case of guetty ready depending on the culture of the country you come from or your tastes , everything is allowed, from personalized t-shirts, gowns, nightgowns and even men’s shirts for girls. It is the day of your wedding that is as you dreamed it is the day that everything goes.

Can I bring a friend?

If you are happy, you are welcome to invite someone. It is a day to be surrounded by our dearest friends become part of it.

How to hire you?

At the moment you decide that we will be your photographers we made a contract in which detail everything we will do at your wedding, the schedules in which we will accompany you and the final deliveries we will make, one of the requirements in a DEPOSIT. To separate the date you can do it by bank transfer, in cash, shipments of securities or any other mechanism allowed in your country of origin, on our part we give you a physical or digital receipt indicating the amount received and thus comply with the first requirement of the formalization of our agreement.

What is the cost for your travel expenses?

All weddings in Dominican Republic have no extra transfer cost with us , this is the reason why we make a prior consultation with couples to know where we will be and the days.